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Founded in 1975 in Saint-Laurent by Michel Alepins and his sons, Paul and Gaetan, Altex® offers window covering solutions for the residential, commercial and architectural sectors. In 1989, Altex® moved to Terrebonne, in larger premises to increase its productivity. In 2012, the family-owned business acquired SunProjectTM, a high-tech Toronto-based company specializing in light and energy management. Altex® positions itself as a valued supplier of architects and designers.

"Since 1913, when our grandfather Georges Alepins founded his first business, our family has dedicated itself to serving our clients in outstanding fashion. In 1975, my brother and I had the opportunity to found Altex with our father. For four generations now, we have been driven by the same desire: to satisfy our customers.”

— Gaetan Alepins, President of Altex®.

Altex® sells its products across North America and works in partnership with companies around the world to provide the highest quality in terms of fabrics and mechanisms, many of which are patented and exclusive. Altex® is proud to carry out all of its distribution, administration and manufacturing activities in Canada and the United States.

Our Values

Altex® stands out thanks to the trust of its customers. Its consistently improved quality products and excellent customer service are at the heart of its corporate DNA.


Our Mission

Provide to a select clientele, with courtesy, diligence, knowledge and expertise, a unique range of exclusive products, of aesthetic quality, signed by Altex®, to meet their window covering needs in connection with the management of light, energy, acoustics and aesthetics.

Planning a project?

For all residential or commercial projects, visit one of our authorized Altex® dealers. For all architectural projects, contact us directly and we’ll redirect you to our architectural team.

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