How to choose your Altex window covering

Don't know where to start? Rest assured, with the right advice, choosing and customizing your window coverings is a breeze. So follow these simple steps and easily find the Altex product that best suits your needs.

Before you start

It is important to understand the selection criteria to be considered.

Let's define your needs together

Certain factors will greatly influence your choice. The characteristics expected of an outdoor fabric are not the same as those that motivate the choice of an indoor product.

And the shade you dream of for the bedroom will probably not be suitable for the bathroom. So you need to have a start on answering the following questions.

    • RoomWhere will the shade be installed?
    • LightShould it block or diffuse a lot of light?
    • PrivacyShould it protect you from view, or just from the light?
    • VisibilityWill it be in plain view or out of the way?

A few examples



To enhance the comfort of this room, we usually look for a product that provides privacy and perfect light control.


Living Room

The window coverings in this room are always in the spotlight. The quality of the fabric, the system and the finish are all important.



Choosing a product that is both decorative and washable will contribute to the design of the room and extend the life of the shade.



The serenity of this room requires uncompromising privacy and a product designed to tolerate moisture.

The elements of your new window covering

There are five steps to creating a window covering. Discover, in order, each element that composes it and make your choices.

How to measure your window

Depending on the product and configuration you want, choose one of these two methods to properly measure your window for fabrication and installation. And pro tip: measure everything twice.

WIDTH Measure inside the top of the frame.

HEIGHTMeasure both sides inside the frame. Use the shortest height.

DEPTHMeasure the depth of your window frame in three places, from the front of the opening to the glass. Use the shortest measurement.


WIDTH Determine the position of the brackets on the wall or frame and measure the width between these points. Make sure there’s enough flat surface at these points to accommodate the brackets.

HEIGHT (protruding window sill) Measure from the window sill to three inches above the top of the window opening to allow enough room for installing the mounting hardware.

HEIGHT (no protruding window sill) Start measuring two inches below the sill for maximum coverage to three inches above the top of the window opening to allow enough room for installing the mounting hardware.

IMPORTANTIf you want to mount on the wall above the window frame, be sure to also measure the thickness of the window frame.


A good option if your window isn’t deep enough or there are obstructions.

WIDTH (including trim or moulding) Measure the width of the frame from end to end and add ½ inch so the entire window area is covered. Make sure there’s enough flat surface on each side of the frame to accommodate the brackets.

WIDTH (not including trim or moulding) Add one to two inches on each side of your window to ensure maximum coverage of the opening and more privacy. Mark these additions on each side and measure the width between them in a straight line.

HEIGHT (protruding window sill) Measure from the window sill to three inches above the top of the window opening to allow enough room for installing the mounting hardware.

HEIGHT (no protruding window sill) Start measuring two inches below the sill for maximum coverage to three inches above the top of the window opening to allow enough room for installing the mounting hardware.

Window measurements
Window measurements


Altex designs and manufactures 7 types of products. The range covers all residential window coverings' needs. Here they are:

Roller Shades

A versatile product, offering a multitude of options.

Day & Night Roller Shades

A 2-in-1 roller shade offering privacy and brightness.

Fixed Multiform Shades

Shades that are suitable for all windows of singular shapes.

Motorized Curtain Tracks

Improve the ergonomics of your draperies and preserve their appeal longer.

Ambio Roller Shades

The ideal multifunctional solution.

Skylight Shades

To easily control the entry of light from hard-to-reach windows.

Exterior Shades

To enhance and improve the comfort of your outdoor living space.


Our fabrics offer a multitude of decorative options and all levels of privacy. Not to mention their many properties.

Styles for every decor

Altex offers a selection of fabrics to match or enhance any interior design.

Plain Fabrics

Plain fabrics work well with minimalist looks and are timeless. They provide a muted atmosphere and blend easily with other elements of the decor.

Fabrics with patterns

Our fabrics with pattern add originality and boldness. They can become an interesting focal point of your decor.

Exclusive Fabrics

Looking for a high-end signature that commands attention for its quality and obvious rarity? Check out these exclusive Altex fabric collections.

IMAGIN X Shade Printing

The customized solution to obtain the desired colours and patterns

Choose the level of privacy

Whether you want to control the entry of natural light or manage the visibility of the outside world on your daily life, you have three choices.

Our opaque fabrics prevent light infiltration and protect your privacy during the day, evening and night.

Our translucent, or semi-opaque, fabrics filter and diffuse light without allowing visibility to the interior or exterior.

Our transparent, semi-transparent, or solar fabrics filter and diffuse light and allow some visibility to the interior and exterior.

Tree window

Sought-after properties

Our fabrics offer a host of advantages and the most sought-after properties. Something to meet all your needs.

Protect against UV rays

Suitable for moist conditions

Fire Resistant



Control Systems

Whether manual or motorized, the systems offered by Altex® reinvent window dressing through their design, ergonomics and durability.


All window coverings require a control system, except for fixed shades. Our manual systems are all of excellent quality, durable and easy to use. Whether they power our indoor or outdoor products, their design is always neat and very ergonomic.


The addition of a motorized system optimizes the comfort of a room and gives prestige to your window treatments. Depending on the size of a shade or its location, you can choose between our battery-operated, rechargeable or replaceable, or cable-powered motors. And that's not counting our smart motorization.

Roll Types

The roll type influences the aesthetics, the luminosity, the privacy, the position of the brackets and the measurements. Think about it carefully!

Regular Roll

Do you want to install the shade inside the frame to minimize light entry when closed and maximize privacy? This is the roll type you need.

Reverse Roll

The most common choice for providing access to the handles and cranks of some windows, or to bypass any other obstruction.


Our accessories add the finishing touch to your window treatments. They complement and enhance the chosen product and enhance the finish and design of your projects.

Bottom Bars

Bottom bars are used to guide the descent and stop the lift. They can be matched to the other components, inserted in the hem at the bottom of the fabric, or covered with fabric.


Our cassettes offer a modern and neat finish to your window treatments. They hide the roller and its mechanism and tone the design of the room.

Aluminum Fascias

Fascias are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and perfect for complex environments. They encase the mechanism and the shade and have the advantage of being able to cover several shades at the same time.