Architectural Products & Services

Planning a project? Consider Altex®’s SunProjectTM range of architectural products. Get in touch with our architectural team and find the most attractive and sustainable customized solution that’s best suited to your customers' unique needs.

Planning a project? Consider Altex®’s range of architectural products. Get in touch with our architectural team and find the most attractive and sustainable customized solution that’s best suited to your customers' unique needs.

Quality products for your large-scale projects

Altex offers beautifully designed and cutting-edge products. Our state-of-the-art line will surpass your customers’ expectations on every front, from design to energy, sound and light management. You can count on our architectural products and our expert teams to tackle your most complex and ambitious projects.

An integrated offering

Altex has all the products and expertise needed to bring your smallest architectural projects to life, as well as your most lavish designs. Find the product that best suits the requirements of each project. Choose the fabric that best meets your specific requirements. Then equip our products with powerful, easy-to-use control systems. All this, always accessorized with taste and always made to measure.


Altex will help you tackle any challenge. Our window treatments and engineering-to-order services have transformed large-scale architectural projects across Canada.


A range of products known for quality, innovation, and sustainability

Our new Newton
High-Speed Lite-Lift® System

Altex's latest innovation is Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift®, the most intuitive and elegant manual solution on the market, with no visible cord or chains.


Roller Shades

Our roller shades are made with durable and versatile systems specially designed for commercial and architectural applications.


Skylight Shades

With our adapted hardware, we can create complex shades for all types of skylights.


Bottom-Up Shades

The ideal solution for maintaining your privacy on your lower and ground floors.


Exterior Shades

Our outdoor shades help control natural light, glare and indoor temperature to make your living and work areas more comfortable.


Altex offers a wide choice of systems for designers and builders of architectural works. From the most innovative manual systems, like the Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift® system, to the most sophisticated motorized products, all of our window treatments can be equipped with elegant, durable, high-quality systems.

Manual systems with wands


The Exalt product line is equipped with the Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift® system, a groundbreaking new Altex-exclusive technology.

Absolute 2.0 - Twin Pull

Simple, stylish and reliable, the Absolute 2.0 - Twin Pull system is a creation of the reputed manufacturer Coulisse.

Manual systems with chain

DEKO and Moduline

Both of these SunProjectTM product lines boast high-quality products, equipped with our Lite-Lift technology, for business and commercial spaces. The Lite-Lift technology makes lifting large shades effortlessly easy.

Absolute 2.0 with chain

The Absolute 2.0 chain system is also suitable for professional spaces. Our most affordable product, it's just as reliable and durable as all Altex products.

Standard motorization systems

Altex offers a wide variety of motors that can be adapted for all types of projects, no matter the shade model and size. They’re perfect for hard-to-reach installations.

Smart motorization

Our smart systems are equipped with cutting-edge technology to make the buildings more energy efficient and individuals inside the buildings more comfortable. Several motor sizes and control options are available so you can offer your customers the version that best suits their needs.


No matter the colour, finish, privacy level, design or budget, you’ll find the perfect fabric for your architectural projects in our extensive offering. Our fabrics are suited to even the largest window treatments and many are customizable, for a unique look. They’re designed with your customers’ technical needs in mind. Their properties include fire resistance and UV reflection, and many certified features, including eco-friendly and anti-bacterial.