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Fair or foul weather

Photo credits: Resstende S.r.l.

Photo credits: Serge Ferrari

Photo credits: Serge Ferrari

Exterior fabrics that take on all weather conditions

Our exterior fabrics are specially designed to withstand all four seasons. They are rot-proof, mold-proof and maintain their condition regardless of climate. They offer durability and increased resistance whatever Mother Nature brings. Our range of exterior fabrics offers a variety of openness factors to adapt to a facade's exposure, choose the right visible transmission (Tv), preserve outward visibility, and ensure privacy. Our exterior fabrics let you combine performance and aesthetics with shades, facades and fixed shading on all your projects.


  • Variety of openness factors;
  • Durable and resistant;
  • Improvement of building energy conservation;
  • Wide choice of colours;
  • Some fabrics are 100% recyclable.

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