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Sustainable beauty

Ecological fabrics that respect the planet and your environment

Our sustainable fabrics combine respect for the environment, the building’s design and the comfort of the living or working areas. It’s a win-win-win. By offering your customer a window covering made from our sustainable fabrics, you’re providing a shade that meets the most demanding performance standards for fire classification, resistance and thermal performance. Without PVC, pollutants or allergens, these fabrics preserve the quality of the air. In addition, some of our eco-friendly fabrics are Cradle to Cradle certified. This certification takes into account the evaluation of the characteristics of the materials contained in the product, the ease of recycling and reusing materials, the eco-efficient use of energy and water during manufacture, and the social responsibility of the company.


  • Recyclable;
  • PVC free, some fabrics are lead-free;
  • No pollutants or allergens;
  • Quality of air is preserved;
  • Compliance with industry performance standards.

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