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Exterior shades for better energy management

Our exterior roller shades are designed to manage the indoor temperature and control daylight and glare. This improves the comfort of living and working areas. It also reduces energy consumption while maintaining the look of your building. An exterior shade installed on a facade blocks the sun's rays which greatly improves insulation as heat is rejected and before it can enter a room. Our exterior shades can be equipped with wind and solar sensors to optimize their performance and longevity. A cable system is often used when complete closure of the window covering is not necessary. The ZIP system, meanwhile, retains the fabric inside its side channel with its locking device to provide a barrier to the exterior.


  • Control of glare and protects from UV rays;
  • Reduction of direct sunlight;
  • Completely retractable when not in use;
  • Possibility of greatly reducing costs related to air conditioning.;
  • Cable system:
    • Leaves an opening on each side of the fabric;
    • Good choice where installation is complex.
  • ZIP system:
    • Creaties an environment without insects.

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