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If you want to cover the outside of your windows in an elegant and practical way, we recommend our range of exterior shades. These shades are offered with two system types. A cable system that is perfect when you don’t need to completely close off the outdoor space. The ZIP system, which holds the fabric inside its side channels, creates a barrier with the outside. For optimum performance, the opening for the ZIP system should have a four-sided, rigid, flat and right-angle surround. With our exterior shades, it's easy to improve your exterior living space!


  • Increases the surface of outdoor living areas;
  • Controls glare and protects from UV rays;
  • Reduction of direct sunlight;
  • Completely retractable when not in use;
  • Possibility of greatly reducing air conditioning costs;
  • Provides some security for outdoor furniture.
  • Cable system:
    • Provides protection against the sun's rays;
    • Wise choice where the installation is complex.
  • ZIP system:
    • Resistant and durable thanks to an interlocking device welded to the ultrasound fabric;
    • Creates an insect-free environment.

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Exterior Shades