Standard motorization

Battery-powered or cable-powered, the motorization seduces by its practical and aesthetic advantages.

High value-added product
Maximize comfort in every room of your home with our motorized shades. Whatever the configuration, accessibility or size of the window to cover, Altex has the right motorized system.

Our battery-powered motors are perfect for windows without an electrical outlet nearby and for small windows. Cable-powered motors are much better suited for larger shades or for those in hard-to-reach places. For larger sizes, a powerful system allows you to raise and lower your shades without any effort. The assisted control, let you easily adjust the shades using a wand or remote control. Motorization also enhances your home and makes your window coverings more elegant. Another advantage: Our standard motorization can be easily programmed and used to control one or more shades at the same time. Make your life easier.

The Altex advantage

Simple, durable and safe

Models for every budget

Increase the value of your home

Perfect for people with reduced mobility and motricity